Website Design

Web design is about having an extension of your business. It’s like having an employee representing you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If your employee is not working to make you money, then they should be replaced. The same rules should be applied to your website.

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Graphic Design

We offer a full range of website design services to meet all your needs. Whether you're promoting services, a new book, or need an informational site for your organization, your website will be your most public face.

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Computer Repairs

Our services don’t stop at the design world. The I.T. team can build and configure new hardware, install and update software packages, create and maintain computer networks. They know that with creating and building also comes fixing and maintaining. Our specialties include everything from basic operating system troubleshooting and repair to training the end user how to navigate a new operating system.

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What your website says is as important as how it looks. A beautifully designed website may attract visitors, but well-written copy will keep them there. Depending on your needs, we can polish up your existing copy or create it from scratch.

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Search Engine Optimization

Ideally, if someone searches for what you offer, you'd love to be at the top of the results with no effort, right? Unfortunately that's not the way it works. Organic SEO takes time to build. If you want to be found right away, the only for sure way to get to the top is through a Pay-Per-Click Campaign, usually Google Adwords.

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Content Writing

Adding new content to your website on a regular basis is the best and fastest way to get new traffic and new leads to your site. But many business owners are too busy to take the time to write new blog posts. That's why we've developed a new blog writing service.

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Printing Services

We offer print services to meet all your needs. Whether you need simple business cards, envelopes or have a bigger print project like a trade show exhibit, Lakeland Web Services can take care of those projects.

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Logo Design

Do you need a logo for your small business or organization? Or perhaps your business is in need of an entirely new look? You've come to the right place, we design logos and create new identities for businesses of all types.

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Lakeland Web is a small web design company founded in our owner’s home in 2002. The small Northeast Alberta town of Islay has been our home since the beginning. Some say our rural location can be a weakness, however, we see it as a strength.

4907 50 St ISLAY AB T0B 2J0
290 Moston Lane MANCHESTER M40 9WB
210 Pine Drive SPRUCE HOME, SK S0J 2N0
Ph: 1-506-704-2888
Alt: 1-306-900-9097
Email: canada@edupro.ca

PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION provides individualized elementary (Canadian or American) and high school (Canadian, American or British) education in partnership with accredited top-tier educational entities based in Canada, United States and Great Britain.
We offer learners the flexibility they need to succeed, and our offering is designed for the learner who wishes to grow and excel academically and personally, while maintaining a flexible schedule.

EDUPRO also provides business support services at an affordable price with measurable results. With over 30 years of successful hands-on business experience, we specialize in the areas of Corporate Training (in conjunction with leading subject-matter experts), Finance, Accounting, and Business Support Services.

Our personalized approach is competency-based and asynchronous, meaning that students have the opportunity to move faster or slower through the material, depending on their individual skills and knowledge. This approach allows learners the ability to adapt their schedules to accommodate their other interests.

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