•     A safe, flexible, and cost effective way to finish high school…your way!
  •     Comprehensive programs, qualified/certified teacher delivered (parent approved)
  •     100% online & customized to meet your completion needs, 90-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Open enrollment, no contracts/no penalties, pay as you go
  •     Fully Accredited

Edupro offered courses that are completed in the best classroom of all…your home. The online delivery system can supplement your teaching by tracking your child’s learning throughout the coursework, as well as by providing additional resources in curriculum, tutoring, and follow-up. 

Courses are easily navigated and provide your child with engaging activities that encourage further inquiry. Pacing is flexible, and entry into the courses is not restricted to any particular dates.

Courses are easily navigated and provide your child with engaging activities that encourage further inquiry. Pacing is flexible, and entry into the courses is not restricted to any particular dates.


We appreciate and value the work you do at home supporting your child’s education. To show our appreciation for your help, we extend special pricing to parents that are actively involved in at-home education. Reduced tuition fees are also available for multiple students in the family and for students taking only one or two classes. Choose from more than 240 accredited high school, summer school, and credit recovery courses in an online format.


When your child graduates from our courses brokered from leading educational institutions, he or she will receive a fully recognized, regionally accredited U.S. high school diploma. 


From the moment you register, you will feel the support of your advisor, homeroom teacher, and core/electives subject experts (course teachers).  They are there to support your every need.  Teachers guide you to succeed, provide pro-active remediation direction, and are there when you have a specific need.  Plus our counselors, course specialists, administrative staff and technical support are also available to ensure that you reach your goals.

AdvancED accredited diplomas are accepted by colleges and universities (or employers) across the country and all around the world.  You can also transfer credits for individual course completion to other high schools based on your specific goals.




With an instructional model grounded in research, Edupro-brokered courses combine rigorous content with direct-instruction videos from expert highly qualified teachers, multimedia and interactive learning tools and resources to engage and motivate students.

Edupro has partnered with several accredited educational institutions and Edgenuity to provide a program aligned to state standards and offered in high schools all over America. Approximately 4 million students have utilized Edgenuity courses, and are attending major university programs and come from countries all around the globe.


Matrixed Teachers support ensures student academic success.  

Homeroom teachers support our students throughout their term as well as individual tutors.  Highly qualified/certified teachers (Core Subject Experts) drive core/elective course progress. 

Student Services are available during working days to deliver real-time answers to all student general and technical needs..


Most exercises are computer graded, providing immediate feedback to the student. Assignments requiring teacher grading are evaluated by state certified teachers in their specific subject matter.

Proctored tests are also delivered online. Parents and tutors are a critical element in each student’s progress. This essential role ensures that students stay focused on topic tests and final exams. Parents and students have instant access to grades and can quickly gain feedback regarding the student’s progress.

Progress reports are available daily and in real-time upon account access.  Assigned homeroom teachers also provide essential student progress insight or corrective action requests..


We offer a flexible semester completion capability.  However, each course requires a completion of 18 school weeks unless an exception is granted.  You can set the start and end dates for your home school semesters and set your own pace for class completion… even set your own holiday or vacation schedule. Finish classes as soon as you want and immediately begin another semester or take a family break.  We will be ready when you return.

Note: A high school exit exam is required for graduation. Good options include the ACT or SAT tests. We provide online preparation classes and even issues an elective credit when you finish these courses. If your student is planning to attend a major university, good scores on these tests are critically important.  OUR students are prepared.


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