Our green cleaning certification is the most affordable program today and insures that participants are current on safe green practices, training, and regulations. Yearly green certification is required so that participants are thoroughly trained in all current aspects of natural safe eco friendly green cleaning procedures. Participants must undergo the required 5-6 hours of training to gain their certification. Participants can turn in a green cleaning certificate with their cleaning proposals to insure they meet the standards of your current green cleaning certification program, so your business remains certified.


Our science-based standards provide the road map you need to improve your sustainability and earn third-party certification from one of the most respected ecolabels in the industry. The Green Seal Mark on your products or services is an instant indicator that they have met or exceeded leadership-level, life-cycle-based criteria for sustainability. Purchasers, facility managers, meeting planners, and consumers everywhere look for — and often require — the Green Seal because they know it equals environmental and health excellence.


Cleaning businesses increasingly offer service that claims to use nontoxic solutions. To maintain integrity and uphold a standard of truthfulness, be sure to base any such claim you make on reality. If you tell your customers that yours is a green cleaning company, follow through and apply the highest green-cleaning standards you can. Market to an audience that will be particularly interested in going green, instead of trying to convert those who just don’t care. If you are developing your cleaning business as a green company, you have lots of wiggle room for defining just what is green and what is not. Decide to what degree you will follow through on your promise, then stick with it. Evolutionary trends are on your side, as more companies recognize that people are often driven by so-called higher-order values, including care taking for the earth and for all living creatures, including human beings. The transparency of doing business in the age of social media requires even more diligence on the part of business owners to act in alignment with their values.


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