Our instructional approach is based upon blended learning modalities. We therefore integrate online content and instruction (brokered and provided by top-tier educational entities) with traditional face-to-face teaching in the best classroom of all, your home. Students learn partially online (3 hours a day), with some element of control over their time, place, path, and/or pace. A personal tutor enriches the learning through one-on-one face-to-face daily learning sessions.

How does internet teaching work in practice?
Online learning works much the same way as traditional teaching in a physical classroom. The teaching techniques are similar, but rather than the teacher and students being together in the same room, teaching and learning takes place in a ‘virtual’ classroom using specially designed conferencing software. This allows students to see and hear the teacher, read and write on the board, ask questions, post comments, watch videos, work together in small groups…in fact, do just about everything they would in a traditional classroom, but from their home or wherever they happen to be when they log in, anywhere in the world. All lessons are recorded so if you miss one, or want to check a point, you can go back and watch it later.

Blended learning has been growing in popularity over the last decade. For example, it’s estimated that one in twenty children in the United States are now taught online in some form. Blended instruction is reportedly more effective than purely face-to-face or purely online classes. Blended learning methods do result in high levels of student achievement more effective than face-to-face learning. By using a combination of digital instruction and one-on-one face time, students can work on their own with new concepts which frees teachers up to circulate and support individual students who may need individualized attention.

All you need is a basic PC running an up to date version of Windows, or a Mac running OS 10.7 and above; a reliable broadband internet connection and a headset with a microphone. iPads and Android tablets can also be used to access live lessons and recordings using the Learning Management Platform. You can even access your lessons from your iPhone!

The Online Classes will not have more than eight students. In addition, the assigned tutor works with the student at home on daily basis.

How do you enroll?
The first step is to complete the online contact form, email or call us to discuss your needs. We will then arrange an initial meeting and an online demonstration (free of charge) where you will be able to try out the classroom software for yourself and ask us any questions you have about the education that we provide. This takes about thirty minutes and we’ll arrange it for a time that suits you.  You then need to decide on the subjects you’d like to opt for. Full details, including prices, please contact us and we will provide an affordable fee schedule and repayment plan based on your individualized needs. Once you enroll, we will send you your usernames and passwords and useful tips for getting the most out of your courses. There is no enrollment fee, but we do ask for payment of one term in advance.

When do the lessons take place (at home and online)?
Classes take place from Monday to Friday during the school year. Students work with a certified teacher in an online setting, but students are also assigned individual tutors to assist in navigating the course content as well as assignments.

What about homework?
All students have a personal login name and password which allows them access to the learning management system. This is where teachers post assignments, materials and resources. Parents have access too, so you can see how your child is doing simply by logging on. We’ve chosen specialist software which is quick, reliable and – most of all – easy to use! If you can use email, you shouldn’t have any problems. All of our teachers will set homework for your child – we can give you more specific information about the homework requirements for particular subjects on inquiry.

How do you work out the entry level?

One of the advantages of blended learning is that it allows more able students to progress more quickly. Generally, we’ll determine the most appropriate group for your child by age but in English and Maths we may offer baseline tests to determine which group will best suit your child’s level of ability.

How will my child be entered for a public examination?

The examining bodies both have centres around the world where students can sit their examinations. We will provide the necessary information and the applicable testing centre. However, it is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to enter a student for examinations and they are responsible for the fee levied by the examination board and the examination centre.

How do I pay for my child’s tuition?
Payment is made termly, by bank transfer, at least one week before the start of term. Invoices, sent out at the end of each term, clearly show the amount owed and the payment due date. All clients will pay both tuition fees, plus applicable Value Added Tax (VAT). This applies to all clients, regardless of where in the world they are based.





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